Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Lord's Prayer: Your Kingdom Come

We can debate what it means for the Father’s kingdom to come, but here’s a couple things we know. 

Firstly, we don’t pray for any other kingdom in this way. If the following lines—'your will be done on earth as in heaven'—inform this one, the kingdom coming involves the Father’s sovereignty. Imagine if any earthly kingdom got everything it wanted. Yikes! 

Because we don’t pray for any other kingdom in this way, we have an allegiance to the Father’s kingdom that forsakes all others. That brings us to the second thing—really, just the other side of the same coin.
All other kingdoms ultimately forsake the Father’s kingdom.

We pray for the Father’s kingdom to come because no other kingdom will hallow his name. Earthly kingdoms have more a track record of taking his name in vain. So, again we find ourselves celebrating our Creator’s singularity.

We pray for one kingdom to come, the one that will hallow the singularly significant name of our one Father.

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