Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Lord's Prayer: Hallowed Be Your Name

What does Jesus mean when he says hallowed be your name?

It could be an exclamation of praise, or maybe a confession. Some read it as a petition—asking the Father to bring about reverence for his name in our midst. I think hallowed be your name has multiple meanings wrapped up in it. It contains layers of truth beyond what we can currently unwrap.

We do know that the disciples whom Jesus was teaching to pray were raised not to say aloud the divine name. That was part of their culture’s attempt to keep the commandment against using the Lord’s name in vain. In coordination with the prayer’s opening, Our Father in heaven, ‘hallowed be your name’ further emphasizes the Father’s singularity.

We like to hear our own names. To call someone by name often shows either endearment or respect. And, because we are all children, sometimes we feel the need to make a name for ourselves. We hope to achieve something that will make people say our name, because the speaking of my name makes me somebody.

The Father doesn’t have that need. His name is hallowed.

When we say hallowed be your name, we explain why we call him Father instead of calling him by name. Moreover, that we’re allowed to address him as Father, when his very name is hallowed, conveys the remarkable intimacy to which Jesus invites us in saying this prayer!

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