Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Lord's Prayer: Give Us Today Our Daily Bread

'Give us today our daily bread . . .'

Just before giving them this prayer, Jesus tells the disciples their Father knows what they need before they ask. We pray ‘Give us today’ as a confession, reminding ourselves that everything we have comes from above. Even when we harvest it from the ground, we don’t make it grow.

We always have ideas about what we need. What we really need is for the kingdom to come and the Father’s will to be done. Jesus teaches us to pray for those things right at the top. That’s our real need, and—when we’re most yielded to the Spirit—our deepest longing. As for everything else, the Father has it covered—each day.

Our storehouses of past production and our plans for future provision mean nothing on their own. They provide us nothing apart from the Father’s providence. We know that, but we live in a world that makes it easy to forget.

So, we confess our dependence on the Father for even life’s basic sustenance—one day at a time.

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