Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Lord's Prayer: But Deliver Us From Evil

'. . . but deliver us from evil.'

Because Jesus pairs this petition with ‘lead us not into temptation,’ the evil may be connected to our own sin and its consequences. At the same time, some translations render the Greek term here as ‘the evil one.’ And, as we considered yesterday, Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by the evil one. Either way, we know one thing for sure.

There is evil in the world from which we need deliverance. Without guidance otherwise, we will walk straight into temptation. Without divine deliverance, that temptation will keep us bound to evil.

We confess our weakness. We admit our inability to rightly lead ourselves. We acknowledge our dependence on the Father for deliverance, and we give thanks to the Son for teaching us to pray like children!

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